IDMA 40th Congress
The 40th Congress of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association
will take place at The Tel-Aviv Carlton Hotel
March 28 – 30, 2023

Why IDMA and WFDB are holding the 40th “Congress” separately

During the past 68 years, the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) and its sister organization, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), have jointly organized and held their biennial World Diamond Congresses.

This year, disappointingly, during the preparations for the 40th edition of the congress, IDMA was unable to overcome one final obstacle put in our path despite much effort and compromise. Ultimately, despite IDMA’s repeated efforts to continue discussions in hopes of bridging the divide – that reason and unity would prevail – the WFDB pulled the plug unilaterally, and decided to go it alone.

There is no shortage of critical issues facing our industry. IDMA will be tackling the challenges before us during our sessions. No doubt, WFDB will be doing the same. We wish the industry success in our endeavors.

Registration to the 40th IDMA Congress

Registration is free

Hotel information

The Tel Aviv Carlton is the designated venue hotel for members of the World Diamond Council (WDC) participating in the board meeting of March 28, 2023, and for participants in the 40th IDMA Congress on March 28 – 30, 2023. All information provided hereafter is valid for both groups.

The Tel Aviv Carlton hotel has designated a limited number of rooms at a special rate of $310/day for the delegates/participants of the 40th IDMA congress and the World Diamond Council board meeting. This special rate is valid until February 24, 2023. Please make reservations before that date. We cannot guarantee the a.m. special room rates or availability after February 24.

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