The G7 Sanctions and the Impending Storm

Reflecting on the ongoing G7 sanctions on Russian diamonds and its expected impact on an already shaky diamond and jewellery market, I am reminded of an old episode of the podcast ‘Cautionary Tales’ by Tim Harford. The episode dealt with the story of the Torrey Canyon disaster. For those of you too young to know […]

In praise of the IDCA

November 27, 2022 – Unfortunately, we once again find the difficult environment around the world creating additional challenges for our industry. We can and should make this a time when we, as an industry, give hope and sparkle! Let’s work together and be creative and inclusive, promote, and above all else, show the world we […]

In Memoriam – Willie Nagel

August 5, 2021 – Last week, we lost an industry icon: Willie Nagel. Generations of diamond manufacturers in all major diamond centers crossed paths with Willie Nagel at some point in their careers. His stature, influence, help, and humanity will be cherished and remembered fondly by the global diamond industry. Below, we pay tribute to […]

Are we part of the fashion industry?

July 5, 2021 – The diamond, gem, and jewelry industry and trade are an integral part of the luxury consumer product industry and market. But when asked if our industry is part of the global fashion industry, many industry members won’t know how to reply. Last week The Business of Fashion (BoF) platform provided a […]