Wim Ruythooren
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Syndikaat der Belgische Diamantnijverheid (SBD)

Antwerpen, Belgium


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Wim Ruythooren

Wim Ruythooren (55) joined the Luc Vets company after graduating from university in 1993 with an MBA and a degree in pharmaceutical sciences. Since then, Wim has been involved in the entire value chain of this diamond manufacturing company.

In addition, Wim built an extensive network by holding various public positions in several sectoral organizations and public companies such as the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), AWDC’s daughter company HRD Antwerp and the former diamond research center WTOCD. Early on in his career he was directly involved in the governmental commission that restructured the AWDC as well as being part of the team that developed a customized social legislation that explicitly benefits Belgian diamond manufacturing companies.

Wim is a longstanding member of the Diamantclub van Antwerpen (Diamond Club).

In 2022, Wim Ruythooren was elected president of the Syndicaat der Belgische Diamantnijverheid (SDB), the Belgian Diamond Manufacturing Association, the representative body of Antwerp’s diamond industry.