Zhu Xinwei (David Zhu)
Zhu Xinwei


China Diamond Manufacturers Association (CDMA)

Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

Zhu Xinwei (David Zhu)

In 2008, David Zhu was appointed General Manager of the Qingdao Jinghua Diamond Group Co. Ltd. The company was founded in 1985 with a workforce of only 40. Since then, Qingdao Jinghua’s diamond manufacturing operation in Qingdao has grown exponentially, employing no less than 5,000 employees at its peak.

To serve the local market, the Qingdao Jinghua Diamond Group created its proprietary “China cut.” The Qingdao Jinghua Diamond Group is a shareholding member of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE).

David is a man with innovative ideas. Under his leadership, the Qingdao Jinghua Diamond Group explored new paths of development. He built a now famous brand and vigorously developed the firm’s diamond trade and jewelry retail business, achieving excellent results during the past years.

His outstanding achievements got him elected as the President of the China Diamond manufacturers Association (CDMA), Vice President of the Gems and Jewelry Trade Association of China (GAC), Vice President of the All-China Chamber of Commerce for Jewelry & Precious Metals Industry (CCJP), and Director of Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) in China.