Yaakov Almor

Ya'akov Almor

IDMA Communications Director

The benefit of making mistakes

During November, I was on the road for more than 21 days. Consequently, the most recent editions of the WINC were compiled in various hotel rooms in four countries. As you’ll read below, it made composing IDMA’s online newsletters challenging.

In the last two issues of the WINC, some links to featured articles were missing, others linked to the wrong news sites, and some fonts were the wrong size. My apologies for that.

The good news is that quite a few of our readers made an effort to point out the errors. I received several – kind – messages from readers asking what had happened. Thank you for that.

Why is this good news? It means that the WINC is well-read and that – as the weekly statistics for openings and click-throughs also confirm – we offer a well-appreciated and valuable service to our IDMA members and members of the diamond industry and trade at large.

Most of our readers have experienced slow and iffy wifi connections when traveling. However, I learned the hard way that input is often not properly saved when you compose a newsletter online with a faltering wifi connection. Duly noted.

This may also be the moment to ask our readers for general feedback on WINC’s content. We focus our searches, among others, on mining, exploration, rough supply news, relevant political developments in the diamond mining and manufacturing countries and hubs, technology, and finance in the diamond industry and trade.  

Shoot me an email at communications@idma.co and tell us what content that is currently not covered you’d like to see included. It can wait until January, as most of you will be mighty busy in the next three weeks!

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